Human Food that is Harmful to Cats

All pets have a tendency to steal a treat or two when you’re not watching and cats are no exception to the rule. Whether it is accidental or of your own accord, feeding your cat certain foods that you consume on a regular basis without any problem might turn out to have the opposite effect on your pet! There is a long list of edible products for humans that can even turn out to be fatal, not only harmful for cats!

As absurd as the chances of your cat consuming alcohol may be, your cat’s health is in great peril once she ingests even a single spoonful of it. This substance is known to cause severe liver and brain damage for our furry companions and you should take extra care not to leave any of it in your pet’s proximity! The higher the quantity, the higher the risks: coma and even death can result from such an experience!

Chocolate is TOXIC to cats!

Your desire to offer your cat something sweet might be well intended, but it can have severe repercussions on its health! Giving chocolate to your cat is a definite NO! Besides caffeine, chocolate also contains a substance called theobromine, which could lead to heart problems, muscle tremors or seizures.

An unusual and generally unexpected risk is generated by dairy products. Most cats are lactose-intolerant and consuming milk or any other dairy product can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems for your pet. The main reason is that cats’ digestive systems are not capable of processing these substances.

Tuna is generally a cat’s favorite dish, but tuna prepared for humans compared to that especially made for cats can produce malnutrition or even mercury poisoning.

Take out some raw meat out of the fridge and your cat will come running from a mile away after catching a whiff of it! Unfortunately, there are many cases in which your cat might end up with food poisoning as many raw meats and fish contain bacteria. In addition, serious neurological problems, convulsions and coma can results from a lack of thiamine, which is an essential B vitamin that is destroyed by a certain enzyme contained by raw fish!

Second only to fish, liver is another black listed product for your cat. While small quantities might be inoffensive, regular or excessive consumption can produce vitamin A toxicity. From deformed bones, bone growths on the elbows and spine and osteoporosis to death, this ailment is not a joking matter when it comes to your cat’s health!

Not as likely to be consumed as other products might be, grapes and raisins are however risky. There are few reports of cats growing ill from eating them, yet kidney failure is a constant repercussion in dogs who have consumed grapes, so it would be best to avoid them altogether!

It is very tempting for humans to share their food with their beloved pets, but in case you forget to avoid the aforementioned products and end up feeding your cat any of them, pay attention to any changes in its health and report to your veterinarian as soon as a negative reaction appears!



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